Thursday, September 28, 2006

What does "POST" mean to you?

As I start my first post, I can't help but think about how so many words today have taken on so many meanings. The word "post" can be like a sign post, Post Toasties (cereal), an athletic term in basketball, a re-stickable note (PostIt!), something coming after (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, PTSD), a goal post in football, a US Mail term, a term for putting information on your Blog . . .
Just the other night, I was listening to a young preacher (Jason) preach at a revival (Chestnut Ridge Baptist Church-Pastor Richard Brown) who shared about how his grandfather had used a post at the end of each row to keep the rows straight as he plowed with the tractor. Grandpaw had to take a break and put his grandson in the driver seat. He instructed his Jason to loop around the post at the end of the row and then plow straight for the post at the oposite end. All he needed was focus. Some good lessons are in that story, not to mention some funny ones about when Jason lost focus in that driver seat.
The text was Hebrews 12.
As I begin this, my first post, I hope and pray that words I share here can help those who read them focus on Christ and the Cross of Calvary, and that they will be able to plow some straight rows, sow some good seed, and we will all rejoice at the harvest!

Events of this past year have made it very dificlut to focus. Instead of plowing a field, I feel more like Hansel and Gretyl dropping bread crumbs that the birds are devouring behind me. Yet, I know that even though we may be seperated from those we love for a time, there is nothing that can seperate a child of God from the Love of the Father. Please keep Lily and myself in your prayers!

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