Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving - What are you thankful for or Who are you thankful to?

In this season of Thanksgiving, when even the secular schools turn their thoughts to thankfulness due to our historical forefathers' pause to be thankful for their blessings; to join together and give thanks for the harvest, the horn of plenty, life, health and freedom. Its in this time we can get all caught up in a good thing: giving thanks for all we have been given. So caught up, in fact, that we let it interfere with the best thing: remembering who to be thankful to! Somehow we look around at all we have been given, and we can piously be focusing on things, possessions, and even people (our family) in terms of what we have. Not that we should over spiritualize everything such that we forget to thank those people in our lives for their part. But we need to be first and foremost thankful to the giver of all good things: God! And we need to use this time to correct our focus: from temporal things, to the eternal beings. We need to remember as we offer thoughts and prayers of thanksgiving, to verbalize not only that which we are thankful for, but who we are thankful to! Thanks for listening. And thank you Lord, for life, breath, and health.

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