Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My little Lily

The cuttie in the race car bellow is my daughter Lily. She is a handful. When she was born at 2 lbs., I knew she was special, but I didn't understand just how special. The picture above is her and her moma, Sondra, while she was still in the NICU unit at CMC.

Lily is very smart and understands much, except the difference between children and adults. She considers herself on equal footing in conversations and decision making. This makes for an interesting, all-be-it exhausting day. As of this post, she has just passed the 3 year mark, and is about 24 lbs.

Lily's favorite pass-time is stories. She wants you to read her books, or she will give you a list of real and imaginary characters and ask you to tell her a story about them.

Lily also likes to talk alot about Heaven, where her momy is. Ovarian Cancer took her momy away from us last December, and she really wants to see her again. She seems to remember everything we tell her about Heaven, but she continually wants more details. Her questions constantly explore possible meeting places. She accepts that momy can't come back here, but this week she asked: "Can momy come to the beach with us."
Last week she asked: "Can momy come sleep with us if I snuggle up really close to you?"
She also asks: "How is Jesus gonna take us to Heaven, does he have a car?"
Her Pawpaw told her we would just fly up there, to which she replied: "Silly Pawpaw, we're not birds, we can't fly!"
I finally told her that Jesus knew how to get us there, and we would all be together one day.
Of course, now her question is : "When are we going, Daddy, do you know when?"

As I said, a very exhausting day. But I always listen to her questions about Momy and Heaven, and I try to tell her as much as I know. Even with a Master's of Devinity, I'm gonna have to dig deeper into the Bible to stay ahead of her questions. She is not one to take "I'll have to get back to you on that" as an answer.

Most of our discusion sessions end in "I miss Momy, too!" Lily is such a good hugger!


Bobby Jones said...

Tim, you are an inspiration. I pray that God give me the faith and understanding that you have.

Allison said...

may our Prince of Peace continue to hold you SO very close...

Darren said...

you are such a blessing to me and my family after losing close relative it is sometimes hard to understand why and it is very diffcult to explain it children young children, it seems like their questions never end. May the
Lord bless you and lily as you continue on tjis journey of until we can join our loved ones in Heaven what day that will be.
your Brother in Christ Darren Uren.