Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Purpose Driven" ain't no Chauffer!

I think there is some confusion among well meaning conservatives about the whole Purpose Driven Church initiative. Purpose Driven doesn’t refer to Purpose being the Driver, as in the one in control of a car, as if it was taking the place of the Christ as head of the church or the Holy Spirit as the Leading the church and Christians in general. Purpose Driven is more the way a car is gear driven or engine driven. The purposes are Biblical and are the mechanisms that God uses to get things done in the church. Evangelism, Ministry, Fellowship, Worship, and Discipleship: These need to be present and active in every healthy church, no matter what you call it.

I think if this analogy has a Chauffer, it would be the church's pastor. Because a chauffer doesn't decide which way a car goes, he is a servant and he takes the car where his boss tells him they're going. After all, it is Christ's church and he left it in charge of the undershepherd: the Pastor. He communicates with him through the Holy Spirit and His Word, the Holy Bible.

What do you think?

I like an analogy I heard the other day: Many times we find our spiritual boat drifting and we can't seem to steer it correctly! Well, we aren't supposed to be at the rudder, or the wheel. We are supposed to be at the oars, cause Jesus don't row boats. When we set out to work for the Lord, he will give us direction. We need to work out what he has worked in us, and He will complete it!

Am I getting close?

Let me make it clearer, You can't steer a boat that ain't moving. When we start working the oars, God can guide the boat!

Tell me what you think, that's what the comment button is for!

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Darren said...

I agree whole hardly. I hope that I'll learn to let go and let God because sometimes I find myself trying to go the way I want to and foregt to ask God which I shoud turn. I think alot people forget to do that. may we as a church begin to let God guides us in the right direction and guide us to follow it.